Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Great Pond Adventure

Ducklings are new for us this year.

The flyer said you don't need a pond... but that just kind of seems mean to us... So, we filled our kiddie pool with rocks and water and some feeder fish.

I fully expected the ducklings to eat the feeder fish right away... but that didn't happen.

I fully expected the ducklings to think that swimming was their favourite thing to do... but they didn't.

I fully expected the feeder fish to die and the kiddie pool to turn into something disgusting that nothing could survive in or near...

The fish lived, spirulina began to grow and the duckweed from another water plant gifted to me by a friend in the waterplant business, thrived.

To my surprise, it turns out that spirulina is a protein rich water green that people pay a lot of money for and use for help with allergies and sensitivities. (No lack of irony there, eh?)

Duckweed, considered a nuisance by many a pond owner, is not only another protein rich water 'bean' that decontaminates water but it may possibly have detoxifying powers for humans. (Again, irony abounds!) Most importantly for me, it is also a waterfowl delicacy.

Proof in point, the ducklings ate the duckweed to near extinction in one afternoon.

So now I need the kiddie pool to grow duckweed in a confined place because the idea of growing our own animal food is obviously appealing to someone like me. And besides, the ducklings have since decided that if there's food in the water... then the water IS their favourite place to be after all.

So, this weekend was the beginning of 'The Great Pond Adventure'.

Patrick and I dug out a small area that is at least twice the size of the kiddie pool and are now in the process of putting some chicken wire around it to keep out the predators.

As the ducks grow, we will just dig out some more dirt to expand the pond.

George certainly thinks it tastes good.
And this duckling, Quackers, thought it would be a good idea to first have a taste of pond water via dog spit.

The fish seem to like it. Of course it's twice as big as their last home...

And the ducks have clearly stamped a 'pass' on the whole project.

I must admit, rather than working on it, we've already rather enjoyed sitting by the pond, small as it is, enjoying the company of the fish, the ducks, the dogs and the sun.

Okay, it's not so pretty yet... But give us some time... It's a whole new learning curve.

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