Thursday, 9 February 2012

Selenium/Thyroid Information Tree

SELENIUM Information Tree

Low levels may contribute to:  thyroid disease
                                              heart disease
                                              immune function
                                              male infertility
                                              RA (rheumatoid arthritis)-
                                                         supplements at this point in time are not believed to cure RA, only that low Se is noted in the disorder.

  Thyroid:  located in neck
                 one of the largest endocrine glands
                 controls energy use
                 controls sensitivity to other hormones
                  regulates rate of metabolism
                  produces PTH (parathyroid hormone)
                            peaks approx. 8 hours after calcium ingestion
                            controls vitD conversion in kidneys
                  produces calcitonin re: calcium homeostasis (metabolism)
                  requires iodine
                  required tyrosine

                  result potential of thyroid inefficiency:
                             cardiac disease
                             reproductive issues

                 increasing thyroid function/hormones:
                                  "70% of maximum heart rate...caused the most prominent changes in the amount of any                
                                               hormone values"
                                           "the rate of T4, fT4, and TSH continued to rise at 90% of maximum heart rate, the rate 
                                             of T3 and fT3 started to fall"
                                   seaweed (iodine may help increase low hormone levels or aggravate high levels)
     Calcium homeostasis (metabolism)
                   human body contains approx. 1kg of calcium

                    reduces blood calcium
                    stimulated by increase in serum calcium
                    inhibits osteoclast activity in bones

                      cell that removes bone tissue
                      controls amount of bone tissue
 Selenium Food Sources: (often dependent on soil selenium levels)
                       sunflower seeds
                       brazil nuts
                       brewer's yeast,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=896609a829c84a47&ion=1&biw=1600&bih=787&ion=1&pf=p&pdl=500

Information Tree - Introduction

Information Tree Introduction

People often ask me how I know of the things that I try to apply to everyday life.

I couldn't really explain it over tea.   I suppose because most of it is based on long arguments about the whys and whatnots.

A long and winding road is what it has been for me these last ten (already!) years for me.  And since food/digestive sciences/studies are constantly changing, I often feel the need to revisit topics to see if science has changed its mind... and I can, right now, affirm with every molecule of my being... that indeed they do change their minds quite frequently.  What is very interesting is that often, the bottom line remains the same but the details change, sometimes quite startlingly.

When dealing with malabsorption disorders, it's often the details that make or break  the efficacy of a treatment... especially with regards to food preparation.  One example is bone broth soup.  Years ago, science said for a dairy free diet, adequate calcium levels could be maintained with bone broth soup.  They still say that.  They used to say that bones needed to be simmered for three to four hours with an acid source.  Now science says twenty four hours.  Yes indeed, it is possible that this time change could make or break... bones. So occasional review is important.

Not long ago, someone saw one of my charts... the beginning form that most of my research takes as I jump around from one idea to another.  She expressed an interest in, not only reading my final piece but in seeing the initial 'information trees' that I create... as they often contain information that doesn't make it into the final piece.

For those who enjoy charts and trees and such, please be welcome to consume them to your hearts' content.