Friday, 16 April 2010

Recovery Drinks

Everyone likes to talk about recovery drinks these days.  Think about what they contain though and be careful about your choices.  Some of them contain more sugar than anything else.

It is possible to make your own recovery drink but do think about your choices and research them before filling your body with them.  As always rotation gives the body breaks from ingredients that it needs breaks from.

For me, soy is reactive resulting in minor headaches and joint pain, chocolate milk is full of sugar (which depletes vitamins and minerals),  and dairy causes joint pain for me, so I don't do any of that.

Good old fashioned water is my thing and then a fresh squeezed veggie/fruit/nutmilk smoothie is my recovery drink. <3

No it's not as convenient as a ready made recovery drink... but more convenient than joint pain or a headache.

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