Sunday, 17 February 2008

Gluten, Cosmetics and Squalene


Gluten, Cosmetics and Squalene

This is a new warning out about products that include brand names from Unilever (for example, Pond’s, Dove and more).
An ingredient called squalene is used for hair and skin products. Historically, it has been manufactured using shark liver. EWG (The Environmental Working Group) put some pressure on Unilever to change their source of squalene to a plant based material. Unilever has, according to Enviroblog, issued a statement that it will indeed switch over to plant based squalene.

HOORAY for EWG! We like sharks and don’t want them to be killed for our cosmetics.

Guess what the plant choices are? Yup, wheat and rice.

Luckily for us with the recent upswing in the price of wheat, they may choose rice… BUT if you as a gluten free consumer want to make your voice heard, now is the time!

Call Unilever (a company that many of gf folks depend upon – whether they know it or not - for their gluten free status of soaps, conditioners and more) and let them know that your vote is for rice-based squalene. If they get enough calls, they will hear the gluten free community.

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Smith said...

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Kim Gray said...

Thanks so much. It's nice to know people are still reading and learning from what I wrote so long ago. :)