Thursday, 7 February 2008


Even gf oats have proven to cause inflammation in celiacs (another one that says it causes inflammation in the general public). They have even been proven to cause villous atrophy. But let's just consider the inflammation aspect of this particular food.

Now sure, inflammation isn't quite the same as a Marsh III lesion (considered for a celiac gold)... but still... if you're suffering malabsorption due to intestinal damage/challenge/stress... Do you really want to risk inflammation?

So what's the alternative? What about quinoa, which contains (what is said to be one of the most easily digestible proteins).

What about sorghum?

What about buckwheat?

Even being oat free, a rotation diet is still very doable... once you find your best food sources.

Does it mean that oats are all evil? Of course not. Our planet provides us with everything we need to live well. The real question is, are we using it well?

Food for thought.

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